Eva Fritz


For me, the purpose of creativity is expression, which is both life-affirming and a means to bring meaning, beauty and inspiration to the world. 

Working primarily in oil and acrylic on canvas, I have been exhibiting since 2003 in Australia and New York, with private collections held in the UK, USA and Japan. My experience as a scenic artist has given me the opportunity to create large scale works for movies, theatre, and public art in the community.   

I hold a Bachelor of Arts, Masters Degree in Psychology, and Graduate Certificate in Public Health, and I have worked as a psychologist with children and adults since 2004.   It is from this formal learning and clinical experience that I began to broaden my creativity to give voice to various community issues.  I have produced and/or contributed to, exhibitions in support of the Brisbane Youth Service for homeless young people, Eating Disorders Association, and the Abused Child Trust (ACT) for Kids.  I have also worked as an illustrator of children’s mental health resources endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO), Fun Friends, and provided material for the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth.With the support of a 2023 Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant, my self-published illustrated children’s book, Little Things Big Things, was developed into an interactive installation designed to inspire and educate children on themes of environment and community.   Running art workshops for young people has been another opportunity for me to meld my passions for creativity and community. 

Like the dynamic and varied pursuits that shape my day-to-day existence, my art is marked by a breadth of subject matter and stylistic approach.  Not only a canvas artist, I have completed commissions for murals, album artwork, shop signs and furniture.  Collectively, my predominant use of vibrant colour and bold design lends my work it’s signature strength and appeal. Although much of my work is emotive, my paintings can be seen to reflect my reverence for the environment, childhood, relationships, and the human form.