Little Things Big Things


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It’s a big wide world out there, so much of it we don’t really know. This story will show you some familiar places as well as teach you things and help you grow.

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Little Things Big Things is a pictorial introduction to issues of the environment, social justice, and the importance of gratitude for the little yet big things we have. Having clean water to drink, a safe place to sleep, or just being born on the 'right side of town,' are some of the experiences that Little Things Big Things invite the reader to hold gratitude for and inspire further conversation around.

Using rhyme and beautiful illustrations of original artworks by Eva Fritz, the aim of Little Things Big Things is to bring an awareness of contemporary challenges in our global community to younger generations of children and adolescents in a way that is both simple and inspiring. The book is also a gentle reminder of the importance of caring for one's own spirit and dreams, so that we may properly care for each other and the planet.

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