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Eva is an Australian-based multi-disciplinary creator, residing in Ipswich, Queensland.  With a background in psychology and public health, along with a passion for spirituality and environmentalism, she relishes the opportunity to engage with community, as well as engaging with her art practice as a  purely creative process to explore themes round beauty and social commentary. 

Eva has exhibited in Australia and New York, and worked with clients from individuals, small business, bands, corporate, and non-profit organisations, to bring their visions to life.  Her artistic production ranges from two-dimensional oil and acrylic art, scenic and mural art, mosaics, and youth art workshops.  She was theatre production designer with Queensland-based, That Production Company, on Every Brilliant Thing, which was the Winner for the 2023 Matilda Awards for Best Independent Production. Upon receiving the Regional Arts Development Fund grant of 2023, she turned her self-published illustrated children’s book into an immersive educational installation, attracting over three thousand participants    When she is not working as an artist or psychologist (www.openbirdcage.com), she can be found moonlighting as a performing musician, writer and MC.




little things big things book by Eva

Available: Eva’s illustrated children’s book “Little Things Big Things”


illustration works

Illustrative Works

figurative paintings by eva marie fritz

Figurative Works

portraiture by eva marie fritz


nature artworks by eva marie fritz

Works from Nature

figurative paintings by eva marie fritz


Eva working on a scenic painting


figurative paintings by eva marie fritz

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